Separation Anxiety

by Virginia Bacay
  • Book Author : Virginia Bacay
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Book Description

Young children develop a strong attachment to their moms, dads, and other primary caregivers. As a result, they can become quite upset when these individuals that they trust and depend on for food, comfort, and protection are suddenly out of sight. Babies and toddlers can experience apprehension when this happens, as they worry that their providers and protectors might not return once they go away. It’s important to understand that separation anxiety is a perfectly normal occurrence in all young children, and that they usually outgrow it once they reach school age. However, if your child is unable to attend school due to separation anxiety, or your daily routine or work day is disrupted by your child’s fear of separation, or if you just want to help ease your child's anxiety while still young, then rest assured, there ways to help your child overcome the fear. This book is a comprehensive guide for all parents that wish to be proactive about curbing their child’s separation anxiety.

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