Seth’s Daughters: The Complete Bernstein Sisters Western Historical Romance Series

by Amy Field
  • Book Author : Amy Field
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Shortly after the Civil War ended a young man named Seth Bernstein rode west and settled just outside of Cheyenne. He built a ranch, the Bar S, one of the finest horse ranches in the area. He married a young girl named Charity, and they had three daughters – Ruby, Faith, and the youngest, Grace.The Bernstein Series starts off with the story of Charity, her upbringing, how she got to meet Seth, and how he saved her life before they got married. It then follows on with the story of each daughter, and how their unique personalities, from the quiet, reserved Faith to the brilliant Ruby, and tomboy Grace all found their loves. The series ends with the story of the lost stepbrother Robert, the one who Charity forgave, but couldn’t forget. Each story is a classic tale of love during a golden age in American history.

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