She Got Me: Ayana

by Just Bae
  • Book Author : Just Bae
  • Promo Start : 08/02/2019
  • Promo End : 08/07/2019
  • Category : Erotica
  • Original Price : $2.99

Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

Taye better slow his role being back in Atlanta or he will get caught... Originally from A, this go-getter moved out LA and it's paying off. This hitta is on track to being a young millionaire and is married to a supermodel. He owns a home in Sunset Hills and has a bank account all of us would dream of. What more could a guy ask for being raised up in the ghettos of Bankhead? His high school buddies are having a barbecue and he finds Ayana, who he desired back in the day, looking open, reclining on the lawn singly. Those curves are squeezing the limits out of those blue jeans and her hazel eyes are gaping. "Taye, it's you. Isn't it?" Taye stares at her and knows where this is heading. Ayana has nothing holding her back. She's thriving working at a firm which is coincidently partnered with Taye's. Will Taye keep his desire at bay or will all hell let loose?

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