She knew what to give

by Serge Ant
  • Book Author : Serge Ant
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  • Category : Erotica / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

“I re-read this story every time I need to create a special mood for good sex,” one of the readers wrote in confidence. Heroes of the story are mature people. They are well versed in classic sex, oral sex, and anal sex. When this is all mixed up with violent passion - there is a lot to learn! They got acquainted through the social media, and when finally met it turned their life upside down. Despite the mature age, a wave of passion hit them and they turned into a fiery young man and timid girl. They knew how to please each other. A touching and sensitive story of the two seeking for the spring of soul. Of the two having passed a significant part of their lives and being well aware of what they want… A romantic and sensual look at the question, which bothers each of us – what to do when the marriage flame has subsided and the life has become a predictable routine? This story unveils the inner thoughts, touches the strings of long-lurking passion, brings up a volcano of hidden thirst for pleasure. It reveals the most intimate moments of sex, puts you into the realm of lust interwoven with romance and charm. The story gives you the perspectives of the two, goes into the depth of their hearts and strings, and eventually tells the reader, where this sexual appetite has led.

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