Short or tall doesn’t matter at all: A story about being different and what’s important in life (Mindful Mia) (Volume 1)

by Asaf Rozanes
  • Book Author : Asaf Rozanes
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  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
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Book Description

A fun read, a tool for life, a hidden object game and a coloring book - All in one book! "You're fat! You're a small baby! You sound weird!"I bet i can find something about you that's different!Don't let your child deal with this alone!Whether it's your size, weight, color, voice, the way you walk or even how youGiggle and snort.We're all somehow different, but kids can be mean and know how to triggerthose pain points!Although this book talks about a short girl which gets bullied by her classmates as an example , this story and the tool she is taught may be applied to any other day to day scenario in life.Through an inspiring tale about the sun and the moon and how everyone no matter how different they are has unique traits and skills, this real life story shows parents and kids alike what is really important in life - like having a good heart and turning bullying into new friendships.Grab your copy now and read it with your kids tonight

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