Simply Delicious in Only 3 Ingredients

by Adena Singleton
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Book Description

Want quick and easy meals that will have your family's mouthwatering? Try these 25 recipes that are SIMPLY DELICIOUS! 25 straightforward, simple recipes that feature only 3 Ingredients! Recipes such as: •BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes •Chili Glazed Salmon •Egg Roll Mozzarella Sticks •Cloud Bread •Mini Apple Crisp Skillets And many more! All quick, easy, and sure to please. When I originally begun cooking, I was in grade school and had significantly more time to give to cooking and testing recipes. Be that as it may, the busier I've gotten throughout the years, the more I value simple recipes made with only a few fixings. Now I am sharing what I have learned about simple cooking with you.

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