Sins of the Daughter: A New York Crime Family Thriller (The Frank Lucianus Mafia Series Book 2)

by Frank Lucianus
  • Book Author : Frank Lucianus
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Reaching for the top may bring her Italian organized crime family to its knees... It's only been five years but a lot has changed since the infamous wedding bloodbath. Concord following Francesco Giuliani's death has long-since crumbled, and New York's biggest mafia underground syndicates are in a state of total anarchy. Now, Don Michael Lombardi's daughter, Jessica, is home, and she hasn't forgotten the past. The forbidden fate for Francesco has been replaced by an even more destructive emotion for Jessica: ruling the NYC mecca itself. Nonetheless, audacity and skill are not the same. Any chance for success relies upon a brokerage of peace between the warring Italians...and this, itself, is no easy task. Young and new to the reins of power, Jessica finds danger closing in from every direction--rival gangs and task force units led by newly-appointed Federal Agent, David Allen equally relentless. Aligning with Francesco's bereaved mother could be her wisest decision, but, even so, Jessica is moving at breakneck speed. Will she be the underworld's new overlord...or ruin? A maelstrom of suspense and wit... A twisted tour de force... Sins of the Daughter [sequel to Sins of the Son] represents a mob family suspense thriller classic--brash and cerebral in stride. Top-form Lucianus swiftly takes his readers hostage.

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