Sizzling Stripper

by Colette Fry
  • Book Author : Colette Fry
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  • Promo End : 10/03/2018
  • Category : Erotica
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Book Description

Natasha is a gorgeous young redhead who doesn’t trust her boyfriend, Keith, who is going to a Bachelor Party the following night. She decides to put on a wig and go to the party as a lap-dancing stripper so she can keep a watchful eye on Keith, but everything goes terribly wrong for her. One of the drunken men at the party takes her into a locked room for a private strip and lap-dance. She needs to get back to the party and watch Keith and the only way that is possible is to submit to the wandering hands and sensual lusts of the groom. When Natasha finally escapes from the room, she meets Ed, an elderly man who offers to buy her a drink in the hotel bar. When the small old man gives her a huge amount of money to go up to his room for the night, greed overcomes her morals.

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