Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Cookbook

by Lela Gibson
  • Book Author : Lela Gibson
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Book Description

Slow Cooker We all love the feeling of having fresh, hot, home cooked meals. But with the busy nature of our lives these days, many of us only have to make do with takeouts. Who has time to prepare his/her favorite dishes deep into the night after work when they have to wake up early the following day to beat traffic and get to work early? In such cases, takeouts seem to be the only viable solution. Well, you can start making use of a slow cooker to come home to a hot freshly cooked meal every single day. It is not just about preparing dinner; you can use the slow cooker to prepare lunches, breakfasts, snacks and even desserts. And this book will show you exactly how to go about it. In this book, you will discover endless ways in which you can make maximum use of your slow cooker. Let’s begin. Instant Pot These days, life is becoming a lot busier than it ever was. The situation is so bad that we hardly have the time to prepare home cooked meals that we can enjoy. In such cases, opting for take outs is the norm. One such product is the Instant Pot. Designed with the ability to act as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, skillet and a host of other kitchen appliances, the instant pot can truly transform your cooking positively. The only challenge that you might have when you have newly acquired an Instant Pot is the shortage of recipes that you can make.

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