Slumber Party and Sleepover Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Sleepover Games and Other Fun Things to Do At a Sleepover

by Nancine Anelyn
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Book Description

Your son or daughter asked to have a few friends sleep over, and you said yes. Now what? A slumber party, also known as a sleepover, rarely involves much sleep, so you will need to be prepared with lots of snacks, games, and activities to keep your guests busy. The thought of entertaining a room full of children for the entire evening can be quite intimidating for a first time slumber party host, but with just a little bit of effort and planning ahead, you and your child can create a memorable night that will be fun for everyone. This ebook is designed to guide you along as you plan and prepare for the upcoming slumber party. It’s chock full of important reminders and plenty of fun-filled ideas you can borrow from. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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