SOLD TO THE AUCTIONEER: Book Eight: The Virgin Is Sold

by Virginia Innocenti
  • Book Author : Virginia Innocenti
  • Promo Start : 03/26/2018
  • Promo End : 03/30/2018
  • Category : Erotica / Free Kindle Books
  • Original Price : $1.5

Promo Price: Free

Book Description

Almost a Virgin She’d had one lover in her life, for only a few weeks, but it left her with a teenage daughter. He was a Dom who usually had young virginal submissives. So why did Wendy enthrall Gordon more than any woman had before, and what was he going to do about it? Well she was two-thirds a virgin, wasn’t she? They signed a six month contract to be Dom and Submissive. If you like stories of Alpha, controlling males and their relationships with women who don’t quite fit their usual type, you’re going to enjoy Sold to the Auctioneer.It’s part of the Virgin is Sold series, even if Wendy is only two-thirds a virgin... Get the book now, and enjoy an erotic read that’s as much about a relationship as it is about the sex they share (and there’s lots of that!)

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