by Paul Bisson
  • Book Author : Paul Bisson
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  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
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Book Description

A modern-day reimagining of Steinbeck’s classic Of Mice and Men for fans of A Boy Made of Blocks and Bad Education. Life at the bottom of the ladder has taken its toll on Stephen Green’s latest English class. As the new term breaks over Campbell College he’s struggling to inspire the Students That Time Forgot, aka The Lifers. Enter cheery oddball Callum Child and his long-suffering friend Ben Foster, who join Stephen’s small group of misfits after Callum is thrown off his course for sexting. Sick of bumping along on the bottom Ben has an idea for making money via Youtube, and soon he and the Lifers find themselves in possession of that most deadly of creatures: a plan. It isn’t long before things take a turn and Stephen is forced to intervene to thwart disaster. As his marriage and career begin to crumble around him he finds himself championing Callum and the Lifers against a broken system and their own nature... but at what cost? 'I loved this book...cuts to the heart of why (most) teachers do what we do, despite all of the challenges and frustrations. Highly recommended!' Dr Emma Kell, How To Survive in Teaching 'A modern take on a literary classic...a sophisticated and compelling read' - Dreena Collins, The Blue Hour 'Fresh, honest and real...immensely entertaining' - Amazon Reviewer

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