South Beach Diet: Beginner’s Guide with Foolproof Recipes.Lose Weight Easily and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

by Emma Green
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Book Description

Rev up your metabolism and lose weight faster while following South Beach Diet The South Beach Diet is a healthy way of eating that is far lower in carbs than conventional low-fat diets. It also encourages dieters to eat mainly unprocessed foods, liberal amounts of vegetables and healthy, high-fiber carb sources. Many people have reported losing weight and keeping it off by following the diet. Here are some benefits, you will get: • Lose your weight naturally • Have a stable energy level • Feel increased endurance • Improving risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease • Stabilizes blood sugar level This book includes: • A Closer Look at the South Beach Diet • Everything about how to choose the right fats and the right carbs • Allowed meat, vegetables, legumes, sauces, and seasonings charts • Over 60 recipes, which are rich in low-glycemic-index carbs, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats • Quick-cook ideas and trustworthy meals that take less than 15 minutes to prepare • All recipes supported by nutritional breakdowns, full images, and portion control

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