Special Ops (Sundown Apocalypse Book 5)

by Leo Nix
  • Book Author : Leo Nix
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  • Promo End : 05/19/2019
  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

While on holiday in beautiful Western Australia, U.S. Ranger and Staff Sergeant Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kennedy leads his group of special ops through a series of dangerous adventures on their return to home base, Pine Gap Secret Intelligence Facility.The dedicated and self-sacrificing team joins a team of Western Australian Police who have arrested two Revelationist spies, but the terrorists want them back – dead or alive.Their escape takes them on a journey to assist a small country township infiltrated by terrorists – but in rescuing the community, they suffer heavy casualties.The fifth novel in Leo Nix's Sundown Apocalypse series, Special Ops is a story of betrayal, subterfuge, friendship and love, set against a backdrop of survival in the rugged Australian desert.This is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series.

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