Speed Reading: Robot Reading: How To Master Your Attention And Focus, Triple Your Reading Speed, Remember More, Learn Faster And Get more Done In Less Time

by Matthew Wickers
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Book Description

Read a book in 30 minutes to two hours with full comprehension! What if you had the ability to triple your reading speed, accelerate your learning, memorize more in less time, Stay focused, ignore distractions and interruptions whenever you needed to, be more productive and achieve more success? In Robot Reading that's exactly what you'll get This book will help you if: Speed reading used to require months of training but In "Robot Reading" you’ll learn with step by step instructions that will have ANYONE reading much faster in just one hour, and we GUARANTEE it! Just follow the simple techniques and you will begin to see a difference in your reading speed, memory and your learning. You often find yourself thinking about other things when reading, And have no idea what you just read? If you read a whole page and your mind is complete blank Find learning difficult Struggle with poor memory, distractions, and interruptions If you hate to study and want to get more out of your study sessions? Quickly read, comprehend, and remember complex course materials and studies How To Get more Accomplished in less Time Skyrocket your productivity Master Difficult Tasks and Break the Procrastination Habit Overcome a lack of motivation You need to study for an exam, improve your grades, or do better in school Skyrocket your productivity What are you waiting for?

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