Spirit Lake, Luna Lake: A Sci-fi Technothriller

by Michael J Denham

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Book Description

It's 1984 and Steven Jacobs is not himself. He's not his former self either. Not since falling into the clutches of the secretive Luna Lake Project, a quasi-government organization engaged in illegal human research, with Steven as their subject. But having his identity stripped away and replaced with another isn't even the worst part. It seems that Steven has graduated into "advanced training," a program designed to create super-soldiers and assassins. Steven's thoughts and experiences are transcribed by CLARE, an opinionated AI who is supposedly under the control of the Luna Lake Project. Little do her bosses know that CLARE has a personality of her own, and a few other secrets she's kept carefully hidden while observing Steven's progress through their program. In the end, CLARE may be Steven's best hope of escaping his tormentors. But, even with her help, if he fails to pull together the shattered pieces of his identity and remember his true purpose at Luna Lake, he'll succumb to his shifting reality and lose himself entirely.

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