Stages of Self-Development: Change Your Life (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

«A person staying at a particular stage of development may have missed lessons from the previous steps, which may sometimes appear in the form of temporary regression. Moreover, there may be groundworks from the advanced stages of development – local heights promoting the evolutionary career like beacons on our way.» Stages of personality development constitute one of the most exciting and favorite subjects. This is connected with the individual’s wish to know something intimate about himself and to be the more challenging personality. By reading about the stages of development, we determine our place in life mentally and look into the nearest perspective. This may be an intermediate step between the sharply defined steps or some particular stage of our life. As a rule, in systems describing the stages of development, there exist three initial steps by which social people move: one transitional stage and two or three stages of the spiritual level. In this book, I will not back down greatly from the regular canons, but I'll try to set forth my view concerning the stages of personality and conscience development.

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