Stand Up The Real

by David Robinson
  • Book Author : David Robinson
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Carrie Maynard is in the prime of her life. Threatening to disrupt her carefully-ordered world is an alluring new man. Fred is just an ordinary boy; quiet and unassuming. Despite being half her age, Carrie finds herself strongly drawn to him — and his brilliant blue eyes.Tempted by forbidden desire, she is torn between the thirst for adventure and the fear of being exiled by society. Fueling Carrie’s passions is the sense that there's something more beneath Fred’s quiet exterior. Can it be that he, too, feels their connection, or is she reading too much into his clumsy compliments?Shaken to her core, Carrie is faced with decisions that will irrevocably shape her future. Can she bring her fractured world together and discover her true self?

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