Standing in Shadows (Dark Fey Book 2)

by Cynthia Morgan

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Book Description

The Light-loving Fey have rescued Gairynzvl. Now, he wants to return into the dark realm of The Reviled and rescue the innocent childfey trapped there.But it will take strength, courage and more than one Fey to breach the borders of The Uunglarda, and to slip past the legions of Dark Fey. The daring mission will shake the foundations of everything The Fey of The Light have accepted as truth for thousands of years, but Gairynzvl knows the secret ways in and out of the dark realm.Slipping into the darkness is easy; escaping with the childfey is another matter. If captured, his band of liberators will pray for death long before it comes. Even in success, their deeds could spark a full-scale war, unleashing the barbaric hatred of The Reviled upon the peace-loving Fey of The Light.Will the Fey of the Light risk a savage war to rescue the innocent childfey, and who will join Gairynzvl's quest to the realm of shadows and fear?

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