Stone of Destiny

by David Miller
  • Book Author : David Miller
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

A Boston cop. A Celtic demi-goddess warrior woman. A centuries old Japanese vampire. And a race to find an ancient artifact that can command armies. In modern day Boston. Yeah, right. If encountering a warrior woman on horseback, complete with chain mail, animal hides, and sword, menacing a red-clad leprechaun in a top hat and carrying a magic lantern didn't blow Sean Regan's mind--a former police detective recently busted down to patrol--the giant, bloodthirsty, attacking vulture that disappeared into a gigantic puff of smoke certainly did. Add to that a series of bizarre murders--bodies whose very souls were sucked out of them--a deadly search for an ancient Celtic artifact called Lia Fáil that could determine the fate of this world--and Others--depending on who possesses it, and oh yeah, a killing spree by what just might be a pesky vampire on the loose, all leave Regan's grasp on reality tenuous at best. Crap like that doesn't happen in Boston. Does it? Book 1 in the Irish Cycle Series - A unique urban fantasy thriller series with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary America. Also in the Irish Cycle Series * Stone of Destiny * Through the Ages * Daughter of Darkness * Gateway to Sheol

David Miller


DAVID MILLER grew up in New York in the early '70s watching Dark Shadows during the day, the Night Stalker at night, and the weekly CreatureFeature movie on an old black & white RCA television set everySaturday night with his father where Frankenstein, Dracula, and theWolfman came alive for him. It's no wonder his favorite TV past time today are Supernatural,Buffy & Angel, and his newest favorite; Wynonna Earp. Or that as anadult he now writes stories with fantastical creatures, mysticalhappenings, and occult goings-on, of worlds where anything canhappen...and usually does. David Miller is an open pen name for crime fiction writer David DeLee David can be reached by e-mail at or david@daviddelee-author

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