STOP DRINKING: Moderate drinking techniques to a happier and healthier lifestyle (Excessive drinking, Alcohol recovery, Alcohol Drinking, Alcoholic)

by George Smith

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Book Description

Highlights most common reason why people drink and drink excessively. Simple techniques to consume less alcohol! My very first interaction with alcohol happened on the same day I realized that my father wasn’t perfect. I was seven. It was a Saturday in the Summer and we had been invited to a family friend’s house for a barbeque. The whole family was going: myself, my brothers and my parents. Now, we lived in a neighbourhood where everyone knew everyone: you couldn’t walk down the street without having to stop and chat to twelve of your neighbours, all asking the same mundane questions – ‘How’s school?’, ‘My, you’re getting big! How tall are you now?’, ‘How’s your mum?’, ‘Did you enjoy the casserole I sent you on Tuesday?’ But once a month or so, we all liked to get together and throw garden parties: a chance for the kids to run around and play outside, whilst the adults sit on lounge-chairs, sipping Chardonnay.

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