Stop Screwing Around and Write a Screenplay that SELLS

by Robert L. McCullough

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Book Description

All you need to know about writing a screenplay that sells. The author Robert L. McCullough has nearly 300 produced script credits and is a founder of The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. With a Master's Degree in Screenwriting and a long professional career turning fledgling writers into prominent Hollywood producers and showrunners at every major studio, he now reveals the principles of writing like a pro in this fast-reading no-nonsense book. 12 short chapters tell you all you need to know about writing a screenplay that stands above the competition and has the greatest chance of selling. Read this book and keep it by your side as you write your next screenplay. You'll avoid the pitfalls and problems that mark you as an amateur. Follow these simple guidelines and you'll write a screenplay that can be your ticket into the world of highly-paid Hollywood professionals. If you're serious about your screenwriting, then you're serious about seeing your scripts produced. This book delivers the point-by-point essentials behind every successful screenplay and shows you how to demonstrate the professional expertise that will get your scripts noticed. It's a quick, concise read that gets to the bottom line with an irreverent no-nonsense approach to putting your writing on a level with Hollywood's working professional screenwriters. Making movies is a complex matter that is so difficult that very few people do it.And it all starts with writing the script.

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