Strange Visitor At Growley Farm (book 1 of Series- Adventures of Artetrim- Fantasy Land Of Talking Animals & Plants Taking Charge: For Young Adults & Children, Animal Farm Rescue- Kindle Short Reads Kindle Edition

by Tara Smith

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Book Description

It is life as usual on planet Earth, as the animals graze in the pastures. Just then a strange being whooshes onto this planet: a being that is full of light and energy. What follows is a magical tale of suffering, empowerment and camaraderie among the creatures of this planet as they are helped towards a joyful existence by the Light-Being Artetrim. This is a beautiful story of animal intelligence and sentience, of fantasy lands, and a daring animal rescue. Drama On Animal Farm This first book in the series is a thrilling fantasy tale of drama on an animal farm, a chicken farm. Sentient animals and plants, a fantastic and beautiful Light-Being from a faraway galaxy, and the struggle of these beautiful creatures against the biggest predator that roamed the Earth – Man: all these make for a sumptuous read for all animal lovers, and nature lovers. Fantasy Book For Children, Teens, Young Adults & All Concerned With Animal Right & Welfare Young adults, teens, book-lover kids and adults with whimsy and idealism will enjoy this book – the first in a series called Adventures of Artetrim. Gift this fiction short read to a loved one to soak in the warmth, friendships, humor and kindness of earth’s creatures. A heart-warming story for all lovers of Mother Earth, and those passionate about animal rights (as well as plant rights). Sign up for updates on the next release as well as free book offers at

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