Success and Social Skills Secrets for Kids: How 30 days and 150 words can help improve student performance and social emotional learning

by Daniel Blanchard

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Book Description

It’s a fact that today some of our public school kids are struggling. We hear reports of test scores being down and kids don’t like to read as much as they used to. Now the schools are being charged with teaching more nontraditional skills, like social skillsthat involve social emotional learning, than ever before, to students less prepared than ever before. Granddaddy’s Success and Social Skills Secrets for Kids will help students learn how to:• Improve their performance through reading high interest short passages• Increase social emotional learning through insightful readings.• Create a civic mindedness in students through community orientated discussions that will help make this world and our schools a better placeIf you’re one of those educators who is giving it your all to help all of our students be better students and better people then Granddaddy’s Success and Social Skills Secrets for Kids is for you.

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