Sultry Quagmire: A twisted family tree

by C. Lee Pickett

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Book Description

This novel is set in the lush world of an elite New York family, starting in the 1930's. The Wahlderbilt estate is as far from the western front as you can get, and yet it is more treacherous for the newly arrived World War II air force pilot. Hired to tutor their young son, but it’s their attractive daughter who catches his eye. The war hero and the aspiring veterinarian grow closer by the day, and soon, are only happy when in each other’s arms. They face the wrath of her sociopathic father, who wants to protect his legacy at all costs. Veronica Wahlderbilt dreams of life as a veterinarian, free of the controlling restraints and coldhearted apathy of her father, Charles. Charles wants her to marry into nobility and has just the dim-witted man picked out for his not-so-favorite daughter. Darren Blakemore, on the other hand, may have earned a Silver Star and a Medal of Honor for his bravery during World War II, but Charles doesn’t want a future son-in-law with a backbone. Will Darren's love for Veronica be what kills him?

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