Summer of Consent: Part 1: June: A Virgin Erotica Tale

by Jayne Marlowe
  • Book Author : Jayne Marlowe
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Book Description

She may be eighteen and never been kissed...but she’s still too young for him. Of all the students he ever taught, Nate never gave Gloria a second glance. But now... Does graduating from high school turn a girl into a woman within a span of weeks? Gloria Goodman is desperate for extra money for college. Her best option is to take a summer job assisting her former biology teacher, the sexy Nate Larsen. She wasn’t Nate’s best student, nor his favorite. Unfortunately, Gloria is his sole applicant. Nate is desperate too. He desperately needs help transcribing the biology textbook he is writing. He originally planned on Gloria’s friend Brittany Taylor to take the job, but she’s let him down. He never gave “Gloomy Gloria” a second glance when she was his student. But when Gloria impresses him with her office skills, Nate sees her in a new way that’s not entirely academic—or professional. But beggars can’t be choosers...and needs must when the devil drives... This erotic short story is the first part of a trilogy spanning the hottest months of Gloria’s summer of consent. Available Now: Part 2 (July) and Part 3 (August) Or read the entire story in The Summer of Consent: An Erotic Novel Summer of Consent is an interracial erotic story that depicts a sexual relationship between a young woman and an older man. All characters represented are age eighteen or over.

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