T is for Train: The Amazing Children’s ABC Book.

by Maya Rein

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Book Description

Do you have a toddler who you have been fussing over her learning process? Do not worry anymore because this book is a true gem for helping ages 3-5 learn their ABC. Research has shown that children learn faster through illustrations and this ABC book is filled with great illustrations that are aimed at making it fun for toddlers. There are learning letters and cute pictures of animals and other things that toddlers can absolutely relate to. Sometimes, some toddlers have trouble associating with colors and sounds. Though they may be able to say them, they may find it difficult in immediately recognizing them. With this ABC Book, they would be able to learn faster and pronounce sounds plus colors in no time. There is no other better book that improves early development for your toddler. It is sad that potty training books are so scarce to see around. Because of this, many parents are stuck in limbo concerning the best way to potty train their little ones. Every page is meant to make it easy for you to potty train your 2-5 years old child. While being trained on potty training, the toddler would be introduced to vibrant quirky illustrations that are going to boost their mood by eliciting laughs and calm. From the beginning part of the training, the easy language of the book will draw parents and toddlers reading the book. In addition to the easy and cute language, the processes of the training are broken down to very simple steps. Parents who have utilized these steps in the

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