Tail of the Dragon (Book 1 of 10): Dragon Series

by Craig Halloran

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Book Description

What Dangers Do Nath And His Companions Face? Nath Dragon triumphed over his greatest foe, Gorn Grattack, bringing peace and order back to the world of Nalzambor, mostly. Now, bored of ruling from the Dragon Throne, Nath and his dwarven comrade Brenwar Bolderguild, set out to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all. Who and where is Nath’s mother? Does she even exist? Is she imprisoned? ˃˃˃ Evil Is Far From VanquishedIt lurks in the caves, the mountains, the shadows and in deep in the hearts of all the races. It’s not long before evil takes on a new powerful manifestation, a breed of dragons the likes of which have never been seen before.  ˃˃˃ The continuation of the Best-Selling Chronicles of Dragon series is here! The first of 10 books in this new, high action fantasy series is filled with sword and sorcery, deadly dragons, relentless evildoers, daring heroes, uncanny magic, wild characters and more! Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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