TAINTED SPIRITS: A Carter McBride Supernatural Thriller (The Demon Wars Series Book 2)

by Richard Alanson

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Book Description

TAINTED SPIRITSAfter facing a demon and learning of a secret cult called the Lords of Baal, Carter McBride is still trying to piece together the puzzle. Convinced that Seth Aguilero is involved, Carter is trying to crack a prostitution ring to bring him in. During the course of his investigation however, Carter is viciously attacked by a winged demon and almost killed. Working with Father Constantine, they enlist the help of the Brotherhood of Amity, a secret order of monks with special skills who hunt demons. With these new allies Carter feels that the tide may be turning in the holy war. But as madness seizes the city in the form of violent riots Carter is attacked once more. A new army of evil is being formed and he and the Brotherhood are the only ones who stand in their way. Yet every victory requires a sacrifice and Carter must accept changes in his beliefs to stand any chance of overcoming the forthcoming challenges

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