Talon’s Test and the Shield of Faith (Book One of the Talon Trilogy Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)

by Nicholas Downing

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Book Description

#1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller - Teen & Young Adult Christian Science Fiction! When Darkness Descends... Heroes Must Rise! CHRISTIAN FICTION collides with MILITARY SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY ADVENTURE, and SPACE OPERA ROMANCE in this epic, faith and family-friendly adventure written to inspire readers of all ages! Frequently ranked as an Amazon Kindle Bestseller among Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, Talon's Test and the Shield of Faith is the first exciting installment of the Talon Trilogy! Despite a checkered past, Knight Centurion Talon Vance has proven himself to be a hero of the highest order. But now an unprecedented challenge lies before him. Crown Princess Naomi, heir to her dying father's throne, has been targeted for assassination by the evil General Mirkham Hesatan. Their desperate flee from persecution will take them from the perils of deep space combat to a desolate world full of exotic locales, treacherous environments, a ferocious flying monstrosity, and hostile natives of both human and alien origin. But the greatest test of all lies within the heart. With the fate of an entire Star Kingdom hanging precariously in the balance, our heroes will be forced to choose... between Duty and Desire.

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