Tango Boat Dancers

by Charles Frankhauser

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Book Description

From the earliest of times, leaders encouraged groups of people to accomplish difficult tasks. Issues associated with maintaining high levels of morale were critical to the success of plans to invade America. During the 1930's, a German Admiral seeks advice from an imprisoned psychologist in regard to maintaining high levels of morale among sailors serving long tours at sea in U-boats. A male and two female naval officers lead a team of dancers in a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of a psychologist's recommended cures to eliminate depression and cure homesickness. The team uses brainstorming while working as spies in Key West under the guise of being Ballroom Dancers working aboard a boat constructed with a dance floor where the Tango is utilized to treat depressed and homesick German sailors. The results of the trial are unexpected and cause interest among members of the German General Staff and the entire German Navy. The storyline illustrates the pitfalls that can result when using a focus group to solve a critical issue for an organization without careful supervision for a project team. The genre is humor in a romantic stressful environment.

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