Tasty Keto: Lose Weight and have Beautiful Skin with Tasty Ketogenic Recipes.

by Tina K. Bing
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Book Description

Eat the food that makes your body beautiful and healthy! Have you tried all the diet books out there? You still didn’t find the one you were looking for? This might be the end of your search! In the book - Ketogenic diet, you would get keto clarity and have tremendous weight loss. We all want our body to be beautiful and the skin flawless. But to make yourself better outside, without changing the diet, it's very difficult. Interestingly enough, our skin’s beauty only 15% depends on external care, the rest 85% is depended on the food you consume. If you want to have healthy skin make sure to fall in love with the following ingredients, avocado, egg, fish, cauliflower, broccoli, and leafy greens. They work wonders for your skin and body. In this book, these ingredients have been used very generously. Enjoy these tasty keto recipes and have a better life.

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