by Sorin Banu
  • Book Author : Sorin Banu
  • Promo Start : 06/10/2019
  • Promo End : 06/20/2019
  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Promo Price: $2.97

Book Description

Halfway through the 22nd century, mankind enters into a new world war to produce the first generation of Tentorians: an army of bionic humans made up as a last ditch solution to establish peace. With functioning bodies and human intelligence, they are the first genuine success in the artificial improvement. In time, the Tentorians come officially to be a nation, showing more and more their true nature: blood and power-thirsty, human-bodied machines. Thus, in the 25th century, the great powers made up their minds to hunt them down all over the world and have them isolated inside a region called TENTORIA. Will the springing of this nation bear consequences on the past? The action moves back in time 500 years, to the year 2024. Cole is a 27 year old young man leading a happy life in a peculiar world: a planet Earth consisting but of a piece of land surrounded by one single large ocean, and a population of 12 million people ruled by a secret organization. As the story unfolds, he realizes the reality of his existence at break-neck speed on the edge of survival. "TENTORIA" raises questions on human values, the conflict between virtual and reality, between present and future; on mankind’s hope of living into a concrete, non-virtual world away from the technological drug we grow increasingly addicted to while seeping deeper and deeper inside our body.

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