The 6 Hour Lunch: Act Self-Employed While Keeping Your Job

by SM Sterling
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Book Description

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A 6 HOUR LUNCH BREAK? Are you set up for failure trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or just filling a space until they burn you out? Are you frustrated and feeling powerless, unappreciated or even ignored? Do you have more to offer? Are you under-employed or forced into a field unrelated to your education and training? Is this really what you want for the rest of your life? And for this kind of pay check? Is that all you’re worth? Can’t they see your value and what you have to offer? YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THESE FEELINGS. A SIGNIFICANT PERCENTAGE OF OUR POPULATION ISN’T SATISFIED WITH THEIR CURRENT EMPLOYMENT. The traditional employment model is broken and failing both you and your employer, but we’re still being taught (and some of you are still teaching) that this is the best way of living your professional life. It’s a holdover from your grandparent’s (or great-grandparent’s) generation that has not evolved or kept up with the modern world. Technology and marketplace trends have changed how we work, but our employers insist on cramming us into little boxes designed for a slide ruler instead of a smart phone. So what’s at the root of your dissatisfaction? Is it the actual job or the fact that its demands force you to surrender your personal life? There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything. You’re stuck at work for long hours, so you must sacrifice time from family or give up precious sleep to do the things you

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