The 7 Day Weekend

by James Dawson
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Book Description

Discover The Easiest Way To Achieve Financial Freedom By Investing In Commercial Real Estate James Dawson shares with you his proven, step-by-step blueprint that could allow anyone - including you – to generate a life-changing income from commercial property investments, right from day one. When you read this step-by-step, insider’s guide you’ll discover: •The 6 key steps to making a real, sustainable, passive income – immediately - so you can retire early and live on your investment income for the rest of your life. •How to increase yields by 200-300% using a little known strategy that produces incredible instant results – for complete beginners AND seasoned professionals. •How to find the perfect commercial properties to invest in so you’ll know what to look for and exactly where to find them. Hint: There is an abundance of opportunities in every town across the country right now, including yours. •The secret negotiating checklist that will result in agents bending over backwards to give you the best deals - every time - so you can enjoy a greater yield on every deal. •The exact method James uses to find the ideal tenants quickly… including specific warning signs you MUST look out for so you can relax and enjoy your extra money, without headaches.

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