The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier: Bobby And The Kidnap Plot

by Frank Robinson

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Book Description

Felonious games are running rampant in a small seaside town, but Bobby the Bedlington Terrier is on the case, with his trusty owner, Kevin. Bobby is three years of age, already trained, obedient and brilliant. Beside him in life is Kevin, an 18-year-old high school student with plenty of accomplishments. Kevin is an all-star with a black belt in Kung Fu.Together, this duo is going to keep their hometown safe and thwart any dastardly capers that occur. The first in the series, The Adventures of Bobby the Bedlington Terrier and The Kidnap Plot, will show you what true loyalty means between man and his best friend. Bobby is met with uncertainty when he comes across men plotting a kidnapping, off the beaten path in the woods near his home. How will Bobby help save a friend, his owner, and stop the bad guys from carrying out their plot. Three million and two lives are on the line. Can Bobby reach Kevin in time? Is he able to get the help he needs from the police? Will anyone see the hero inside such a small terrier with the heart of a lion?

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