The Adventures of Jack and Jill In the Realms of Beyond

by L.M. Story

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Book Description

Jack and Jill are two twin siblings living a normal life together. They go to school, they play games, and do their homework. They have loving parents and a beautiful home. There’s only one small problem: Jack and Jill have never dreamed. In the realm of dreams, where all good dreams live, the souls of unborn children wait for their soon-to-be mothers to bring them to the realm of humans. When Jill’s mother came for her, Jack was too scared to stay by himself. So even though he did not belong to Jill’s family, he went with them anyway. Jack and Jill know now if they ever returned to the realm of dreams, they would be caught and separated forever. After drinking a sleeping medicine, however, both Jack and Jill fell into a deep sleep and couldn’t help but enter the realm of dreams. The angel guarding the realm found them and managed to capture Jill. With Jill now unable to wake up, Jack must travel the five Realms of Beyond – The Pit, The realm of ghosts, the realm of humans, the realms of dreams and Heaven – to find a way to save his sister. Learn the meaning of bravery, friendship and love in this larger than life adventure. Your journey to Beyond awaits…

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