The All-Stars: Teen Rock Sensation

by Sydney Faith

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Book Description

Ro didn't plan on becoming an overnight Super Star. She used to listen to the radio. Now she's on the radio! The All-Stars? Teen Rock Sensation. Ro? Seventeen, Undiscovered Musician. Until last summer. The All-Stars was a band of five, until management forced a shift in talent, upsetting the balance of their fame. When 17-year-old Ro has the chance of a lifetime to join the band, she battles with whether she's willing to throw away the life she has planned to become the sixth All-Star. Ro's love of music started after the death of her father. She never thought her love of music would lead to anything besides a way to heal herself. Meeting world famous musicians, The All-Stars, in a coffee shop? Slowly falling in love with Dylan, lead singer of the band? Forming an unbreakable bond with the members of The All-Stars? Totally not in her plan. Join Ro on her journey of self-discovery, first romance and learning to follow her dreams.

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