The Anger Relief Manual: Regaining Control and Detoxing Your Life

by Anthony Glenn

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Book Description

This is an anger management guide for everyone struggling to gain control over their temper. Nobody is born angry and no one deserves to live with resentment. You should live the reality you choose, not the one that makes your blood boil. Since it’s absurd to wait for reality to simply change, the change must start from within. Here you can find techniques and solutions that will help you to stop feeling angry and become more calm, peaceful, and satisfied. You’ll learn how to discover the root of your anger and to realize which emotions are hidden within it. Step by step, you’ll dig up the causes of your rage and deal with them. You’ll learn how to slow down and change your old patterns for new, more appropriate behaviors.  Plus, your body will thank you. Resolving your anger issues is the greatest thing you can do for your health. It will save your heart, arteries, your immunity, your brain, and enable you to live longer. These are all excellent reasons for reading this book and getting rid of unhealthy anger, don’t you think?

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