The Apathy Engine

by Paul Gallimore

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Book Description

Do you love sci-fi with a whole heap of mystery and humour thrown-in? If so, this book was written for you . . . Yes, you personally. In 2042 nobody has to work, food is available to all, everybody has a nice home, energy is abundant and wars are ancient history. Fourteen percent of the world's population is suffering from PUSD, Post Utopian Stress Disorder; they've all lost their mojo, and can't find any purpose in life. And when things start to go a little bit wrong, and the 'glitching' starts, only a tiny handful of individuals can summon up the spirit to investigate in the face of global disinterest in the most annoying of phenomena. Who is behind the glitching, and what does it signify? Can website entrepreneur, Cyril Greaves, Neville the stridesman, Gonorilla the Botty Bot, a couple of Sunday league soccer stars, two octogenarian football hooligans and the chairman of The League of Psychopaths take on the big corporations and Plouton, the sentient quantum super-computer, and save the world from its terminal Apathy? . . . Or maybe the world doesn't really need saving?

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