The Art of Being Tony (Tony Winters Book 1)

by P.S. Power

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Book Description

When life gives you a chance, take it. Never let it go. Never.Anthony is suddenly dropped on his Uncle Rick, by a mother that never really loved him. Possibly left for good. Desperately, he decides that he needs to make himself so valuable to these new people that they'd be insane not to keep him around.In order to do that he has to stop being Anthony, the fifteen-year-old proto-thug with a woman on each arm and become something else. Tony. The act he creates to fool them all.If he fails, it means a life on the streets.A thing he will avoid at any cost.Even if it means becoming more than he ever really thought was possible. Books 1-3 of this series are out now. Exclusively on Amazon!1.The Art of Being Tony2.The Unstoppable Tony Winters3.The Heart of Tony Winters

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