The Balladeer

by Fred Calvert

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Book Description

Bobby Wayner, a troubled man, returns to the Kentucky home. He'd run away when he was a boy of twelve, after his beloved, older brother, Eldon, was shot and killed. Bobby blamed himself for his death as much as he did the recluse farmer, a German immigrant, who had shot him. This happened during the Second World War. For several years before that tragic night, community rumors alleged that the German was a Nazi and that he had even murdered his own family. Bobby and Eldon, both budding balladeers, were intrigued by the German. They were mesmerized by a beautiful piano tune he played at night. Eldon, determined to write ballad about him, took a risk and knocked on his door one fatal night. Now, thirty-eight years later, Bobby has finally come home to face his demons and to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding his brother's death. Why had the farmer blasted his shotgun at the door that night? Inside the German's abandoned farmhouse, Bobby discovers the truth has been waiting for him like Judgement Day.

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