The Barton Murder: The Mysterious and True Murder Story on Hamilton Mountain. Did Somebody Get Away With Murder?

by Jack Smith
  • Book Author : Jack Smith
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Book Description

A Murder Like No OthersLate on the afternoon of October 9, 1905, three boys in Hamilton, Ontario hiked up to the city’s Mountain region, intending to search the farmlands and wooded areas for chestnuts. At Limestone Ridge, they ventured into a cluster of hickory trees and stumbled upon the body of a woman, partially concealed by branches and leaves.Too frightened to check for signs of life, the boys ran and summoned help. When local residents and the police arrived, it was obvious to all that the woman had been murdered. She was young – no older than thirty – and solidly built, with rich dark hair that was tangled and bloody behind the right ear. A handkerchief dangled from her mouth and drying blood covered the front of her white shirtwaist. Whoever killed her had tried to conceal the body and burn it, although the fire never made it past the smoldering stage.Who was She? Who murdered her and Why? Scroll back up and find out now!

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