The Beast of Barmston Drain (Mike Covell Investigates Book 13)

by Mike Covell
  • Book Author : Mike Covell
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  • Category : Non-Fiction
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Book Description

Read the full account from the man who brought the story to the British media in 2016.A full account of the infamous and internationally known "Beast of Barmston Drain," known internationally as “Old Stinker.”Hear how the story started, read the eyewitness accounts, see the locations with stunning recent and historical images, maps, plans, and step by step photographs showing how eyewitness saw the creature.The book is also packed with exhaustive investigation logs, from each "werewolf hunt," and includes never before seen research on the case, plus, other local strange "Big Dog Sightings," and a full historical background on the drain itself, plus hundreds of entries pertaining to those who perished under the murky waters of the drain.Featuring an exhaustive bibliography, references, and never before seen material.

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