The Beast

by Virginia Henderson

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Book Description

She silently lurks in the forest, keeping to the shadows. Her haunting yellow eyes observe everything and nothing escapes her razor-sharp claws. The panther is clever and cruel, one to be feared. An unsuspecting family soon becomes her prey and they learn just how wicked the Beast can be. The family locks themselves inside their home, trapped and isolated from the world as the Beast prowls just beyond the door. During this family's struggle to survive, they face anything from relentless nightmares, growing paranoia, sudden illness, and starvation. Do you dare to witness this terrifying journey and discover the shocking truth behind the Beast? Includes a free preview chapter of Log Off, an exciting, fast-paced mystery! What other readers are saying: "Captivating in more ways than one!" "Intriguing and fun twist" "I couldn't put it down." "I enjoyed the book very much! Full of suspense and surprises! I will be looking forward to reading more from this author." "A book for people who don't read!"

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