The Big Burp Theory of the Universe

by Joe Wocoski

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Book Description

Get this fun children's picture book to act out with your little ones at bedtime. Read it aloud with your kids providing the sound effects making all the Gurgles and Glunks, Big Burps and Vacuuming noises. And don’t forget to Zoom them into bed along the way. Have loads of fun making funny noises with your kid's. Burps and Slurps, Gurgles and Glunks, Zooming and Boings for Bedtime Fun! I am sharing this picture book I wrote and illustrated for my daughter when she was five years old, she heard of the Big Bang Theory, and it scared her half to death, she thought everything was going to blow up! So, I made up this story about a tiny particle that just had a very, very, Big Burp and what happened to the universe afterward. This story calmed her fears and made both of us laugh out loud making Screeching sounds, Big Burps and Zooming around. We Slurped our way through, and it quickly became our favorite bedtime tale to act out before tucking her in. Try it for yourself and see what fun you can have too.

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