The Big Haul

by John Tiner
  • Book Author : John Tiner
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

The Big Haul brings characters to the edge of their abilities and determination. Some are cold and unemotional, others are hot blooded and quick to seek revenge. All are tossed together in an exciting attempt to take a shipment of money so large that a successful robbery offered the added problem of how to carry away the money.Jake is an experienced heist man, living out of an RV and traveling with Molly, a runaway woman. Jake, a career thief, is nearing retirement age. He is putting together a team for the biggest score of his life -- The Big Haul.David and Roxanne are two strangers with nothing in common. He’s a young, outdoor construction worker, while she is a thirty-something accountant. Two killers march them into the woods in the face of an approaching blizzard. They soak them down with freezing water and leave them to die -- murder by exposure. They survive but are soon pursued by both the Outfit and the police. The killers have destroyed Roxanne’s way of life. She is filled with burning anger to find them and take them out. David and Roxanne are drawn into the heist.Hash Packard is a professional criminal as unemotional as a slab of concrete. He projects a cool and convincing confidence. While planning for the heist, the Outfit boss, Tony Stag, hires Hash to investigate a murder in his organization. Hash must convince Tony that the murder is not related to the money shipment; otherwise it will be called off.Follow the characters as they follow the money!

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