The Bikini Prophecy: A travel memoir about love, loss, laughter … and an unexpected date with fate.

by Matt Kyler

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Book Description

“This book may be the undiscovered gem of this summer. Brutally honest, funny, heartbreaking and gave me the greatest sense of wanderlust. I can’t recommend it enough.”— The Bikini Prophecy is a hilarious and, at times, confronting travel memoir that is part romantic comedy, part tragedy, and all heart. —::— Matt Kyler is about to go backpacking through India. Not by choice. India holds no interest for this first-time adventurer - not the food, not the color, not the people, not even the spiritualism. He’s going there because of a fortune teller’s prophecy: a bizarre prediction of love that has a bikini as it’s core motif. It sounds nuts. Which is fine, since Kyler’s recent life has been anything but sane and normal. In the space of a year he has abandoned his longterm lover for a shot at fame and fortune, scored a dream job as a TV Writer, moved cities, fallen in love with a co-worker … then self-imploded and lost his mind. From where Kyler stands, the future can only look brighter. But India is about to complicate his life a whole lot more than he could ever possibly imagine. —::— Fans of humorous travelogues and heartfelt memoirs will enjoy this one-of-a-kind story of spiritual awakening and personal transformation. A must-read for readers who are curious about how and where to find true love and happiness.

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