The Black Pill

by Gino Cox

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Book Description

A mystery/thriller by the author of A Stylish Frame ★★★★★(4.9/5 Stars 15 Review) Presumed Guilty ★★★★★(4.6/5 Stars 24 Reviews) Ice Cold ★★★★★(5.0/5 Stars 6 Reviews) The Black Pill is a hard-biting crime thriller that explores the complex ethical, legal, economic and emotional issues surrounding human organ transplants and illegal trafficking, from multiple viewpoints. A spunky investigative reporter ties a grisly murder to an international organ trafficking conspiracy, but the story may cost her life … and her kidneys. A renowned transplant surgeon unable to find a donor for his own wife A self-styled investigative reporter with a hunch A slick entrepreneur with a grandiose scheme to make organ trafficking respectable A falsely condemned convict offered a reprieve in exchange for donating a kidney A corrupt cop who considers his shield a license to steal A cartel enforcer who dispatches his victims with venomous snakes and insects The lives of desperate people compelled to make ethical, moral and legal compromises A story that spans the western hemisphere, from the mansions of Beverly Hills to a Surinamese prison to an exotic Haïtian resort

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