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BLACKMAIL.MURDER.AGAIN.Once again, residents of The Blackfriar Apartments are targeted with blackmail. Somebody else is trying to get rich at their expense, sometimes with dire consequences.This time, in PUT THE BAG IN THE WINDOW, Irene and new tenant Tiana are the victims. In KARMA'S A CRUEL THING, the perpetrator comes back, and Trey and Janine suffer the brunt of the criminal's actions. A copycat decides to get some money from Brian and Robert in PAY ME FOR MY SILENCE, but anybody stupid enough to cross Robert Pelosi is going to pay the price...Follow the residents of The Blackfriar Apartments through another three adventures, and have a great read through these three stand-alone but connected mysteries.f you like mysteries with great characters and fast paced action, you're going to love The Blackfriar Mysteries, by M’Lissa Moorecroft and this is your chance to get all four books in the series for a great price. Each book is stand-along, but together they paint the whole picture. This boxed set containsBook Five: Put The Bag In the WindowBook Six: Karma's A Cruel ThingBook Seven: Pay Me For My SilenceGet the book now for some great entertainment!

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